From March 4, 2020, the international hotel chain AZIMUT Hotels and the leader of the Russian petrochemical industry SIBUR launch a joint environmental project whose goal is the development of recycling of guest accessories, as well as reducing the amount of waste polluting the environment.
This spring, in the pilot hotels of the AZIMUT Hotels chain, hygiene items and accessories will be replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives suitable for processing: namely dental kits, combs, shaving kits, shoehorns, as well as bottle caps with shampoo, shower gel and lotion will be made using recycled plastic, and the bottles themselves will be made from primary PET, which is fully recyclable.
From March 4, 2020, all guests of the pilot hotels of the hotel chain will be able to take part in the environmental initiative, without throwing used cosmetic bottles into the bin. In the future, this items will be additionally sorted and processed at the factories of the EcoTechnology Group and other waste collection and disposal operators. More information you can find on, where everyone can learn more about the initiative.