Warm up this winter!

Iryna Petrova

Senior marketing specialist

Netanya: Mediterranean Sea, sun and hummus paradise 


January temperature 

+12 to +18 degrees Сelsius 

Things to do 

Relax on a warm beach, eat hummus and learn to enjoy life as it is. 

Sights to see 

Netanya is a relatively young resort on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The most days are sunny here, the sea is warm even in winter (around +20 in December), and access to equipped beaches is free all year round. 

Look for playgrounds and sunset barbecue areas on the coast. Book a gliding lesson and take a birds eye view of the city. Or rent a car and go to the water farm on the historic Poleg River where sea turtles are bred and released to the sea once a year. 

From Netanya it is convenient to get to Tel Aviv, which is 35 km and an hour by car away. As for trip to famous Jerusalem, it is better to plan it in advance, to leave early and to see more. A convenient option is booking of an excursion with transfers right at your hotel. 

Place to stay 

 AZIMUT Hotel Medi Terre Netanya 4* is located on the Mediterranean coast. Sandy beach is just across the road. 

If you value comfort and exclusivity, it is the right place for you. The hotel has 60 modern rooms, and the staff speaks English. 

Providing an immersive experience on Israeli soil, the Terre kosher restaurant in the hotel serves traditional Friday dinners. Shabbat Shalom!  

Roomratesfrom $ 140 per night for 2 guests 

Nalchik: Caucasus mountains, Chegem waterfalls and Blue lakes


January temperature 

From - 5 to +10 degrees Сelsius 

Things to do 

Breathe in the mountain air and look for the drowned dragon. 

Sights to see 

Elbrus, the highest mountain peak in Russia, is located on the territory of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria not far from Nalchik. If you are not yet ready to climb it, go to the Chegem waterfalls. Here the groundwater streams have made their way out through the rocks, so the water in the gorge does not flow as the one powerful stream, but is divided into small streams broken into millions of sprays. 

Kabardino-Balkarians love myths and fairy tales. They can take you on a travel to the Blue lakes to look for a drowned dragon who, according to local belief, cries at the bottom of the lake and fills it with tears (and aromas) from year to year. 

The main attraction within the city is the Atazhukinsky Garden, the largest resort park in the North Caucasus. Among the paths, gazebos and boats, you can find a relict ginko tree of the dinosaur era. As a souvenir from Nalchik, take warm wool products, honey, jam and a chuck-chuck. 

Place to stay 

Stay in AZIMUT Hotel Nalchik 4 *, a hotel with modern rooms and a fitness center. 

The hotel rooms offer panoramic views of the mountains and the river, and the Atazhukinsky Garden is only 15 minutes away on foot. 

During mountain walks, our muscles and joints experience an unusual stress. In the hotel gym you can better prepare the body for hiking. And after a day in the mountains you can relax in the sauna, pool and massage salon of the hotel. You will return home with a clear mind and a fit body. 

Roomratesfrom $ 39 per night for 2 guests 


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